Error: “Your platform is not thread-safe” on REL5/Centos5

Posted by Darrin on March 5th, 2008

If you are ever building packacges under RedHat Enterprise Linux or CentosĀ  and you get the error

“Your platform is not thread-safe”,

Make sure you have the following packacges installed along with the prerequsites.


Hope this saves someone a few hours of pulling out hair …


How To Install SMS Client

Posted by Darrin on January 14th, 2007

The easiest way to install the SMS Client is to use Internet Explorer and go to the online installation page. Then click on the install button. This will then go through the install process and ensure you have the latest version of the files.

If you use another web browser you will need to download a seperate install file and run the install locally. Once you have installed the package it will check back to the website regulalry for updates.

RPM build directory structure for a user

Posted by Darrin on May 14th, 2006